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Why Should I Use a Co-Parenting App?

If you are in the process of a divorce, or are already divorced, and you have children, or if you are an unmarried parent, you should strongly consider using an online co-parenting app to communicate with the other parent. Why? Because it's difficult to communicate with a co-parent who does not live with you, and it's even more difficult to communicate with a high conflict co-parent.

Many courts these days require the use of a co-parenting app in parenting orders. These apps provide the parenting calendar (with parent days in different colors), allow "trades of parenting time" to be recorded, centralize all communication so that miscellaneous phone calls and texts and emails are avoided, contain data regarding children's medical, dental and school information accessible at the touch of a button, and provide a way to track and pay shared expenses like school, medical, childcare and extracurricular.

Besides a centralized "child database" for two parents living apart, the app tends to reduce conflict and miscommunication between co-parents. The result is a more stable and seamless transition for children living in two separate homes, and parents who focus their emotional and financial resources on their children rather than on post-divorce legal conflicts (and legal fees).

While there are several apps available in today's market, our firm still believes that the Our Family Wizard app, founded in 2001, is the best among its competitors. For approximately $250.00 total per year for 2 parent users, the peace, stability, and accountability it brings is well worth it.

Attached is a chart prepared by Gertz Law Firm comparing the current co-parenting apps, both paid and free versions. For family law, custody, and co-parenting assistance, contact Gertz Law Firm at 513-583-1549.

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