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What types of income are included in a child support calculation in Ohio?

Many clients often wonder whether certain types of income are to be included for child support. For instance, are Social Security disability benefits included? We get these questions very frequently.

Ohio child support calculations are governed by the Ohio Revised Code at Section

3119.01. Under that law, gross income includes all of the following sources:

  • salaries, wages, overtime pay, and most bonuses

  • commissions

  • royalties

  • tips

  • rents

  • dividends

  • severance pay

  • pensions

  • interest

  • trust income

  • annuities

  • social security benefits, including retirement, disability, and survivor

  • benefits that are not means-tested

  • workers' compensation benefits

  • unemployment insurance benefits

  • disability insurance benefits

  • benefits that are not means-tested and that are received by and in the

  • possession of the veteran who is the beneficiary for any service-connected

  • disability under a program or law administered by the United States

  • department of veterans' affairs or veterans' administration

  • spousal support actually received

  • income of members of any branch of the United States armed services or

  • national guard, including, amounts representing base pay, basic allowance

  • for quarters, basic allowance for subsistence, supplemental subsistence

  • allowance, cost of living adjustment, specialty pay, variable housing

  • allowance, and pay for training or other types of required drills; self-generated income; and potential cash flow from any source;

  • all other sources of income

As you can see, this is an extensive list. Ohio law also provides that some types of income are not included in the calculation. For more information and for assistance with the analysis of your child support case, contact Gertz Law Firm.

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