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How to Reduce Stress in High Conflict Divorce

Civil litigation can be extremely stressful for the parties. Domestic relations cases may be the most heated of all, given the subject matters involved, like children. We've found that, in a significant number of divorce cases, one (or sometimes both) of the parties suffer from some emotional malady. This can translate into the person exhibiting extremely unhealthy and toxic behaviors (raging at opposing or third parties, harassment via telecommunications devices, fueling unnecessary court disputes, etc.)

The Forbes article below contains excellent advice for anyone who is dealing with an emotionally unhealthy person who is exhibiting toxic behaviors. The primary key is distance! This is why our office, as well as domestic relations courts all over Ohio, strongly recommend the use of the online parenting communications program called Our Family Wizard. For some excellent advice on how to stay healthy during divorce litigation, please see the attached Forbes article.


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