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How is Shared Parenting Different from Sole Custody?

Shared parenting used to be called joint custody. This means that both parents must cooperate and agree on parenting decisions. Typically, parenting decisions include education, medical issues, and the religion of the child. Often, with shared parenting, the parents divide the time with the children equally. However, in some shared parenting cases, one parent has more time with the children than the other. A shared parenting plan will most likely also still have a child support order in place, where one parent pays support to the other.

On the contrary, sole custody means that one parent makes all of the parenting decisions. The other parent, called the non-residential parent, has parenting time, or visitation, with the children. Most counties have guidelines for parenting time, and that is what is routinely followed. However, it's still possible to have equal parenting time in a sole custody arrangement. There is also a child support order involved with sole custody.

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