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As a stay at home Mom with no income of my own, how will I manage to pay bills during a divorce?

Deciding to move forward with a divorce can be a difficult decision, made more complicated when one spouse has been financially dependent upon the other for the duration of the marriage. However, Ohio allows spouses to request temporary spousal support and child support, which may alleviate this burden while the divorce process proceeds.

Any temporary orders that the Court makes during the divorce will end at the time the divorce is over. The divorce ends when either the parties settle and come to an agreement on all issues, or when the court hears the case at trial and makes a final spousal and/or child support order. Currently, temporary child support is routinely ordered based upon the spouse's gross incomes and some other factors. And, when considering whether temporary spousal support should be ordered, the court will consider each spouse’s earning capacity and other resources while the divorce is pending.

For more detailed information regarding divorce and family law, contact Gertz Law Firm at 513-583-1549.

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