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Who gets the ring?

Engagement rings and wedding bands are a symbol of a couple’s promise to marry one another and of the matrimonial union. Naturally, engagement rings and wedding bands carry sentimental value in addition to monetary value. In the event of a broken engagement or the termination of a marriage, there may be disagreement about who keeps the respective rings. In the state of Ohio, the outcome is different based on whether an engagement is broken or a marriage ends.

A Broken Engagement

In the state of Ohio, when an individual proposes to his or her significant other, he or she gives a ring as a symbol of a promise to marry and with the expectation that the two will be married in the future. The ring carries with it a conditional promise. This means that the significant other accepts the ring and makes the return promise to marry. If the engagement is broken and the marriage does not actually take place, the individual who originally bought the engagement ring is entitled to take the ring back into his or her possession.

Termination of Marriage: Divorce or Dissolution

The outcome of the ring disagreement is different in the event that the couple divorces or dissolves the marriage. As mentioned, an engagement ring is a gift received on the condition that the couple is married. At the point of divorce or dissolution, the marriage has taken place and the gift is “complete.” Because the gift is considered complete, the individuals may keep their respective rings.

A disagreement over an engagement ring or a wedding ring can create a tricky conflict for a couple. If you have any further questions about the division of rings, or the division of property upon divorce, please call us at Gertz Law Firm at (513) 583-1549.

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