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Let our family help yours.

We are a family-owned and operated law practice with two office locations, for your convenience.  Our Reading office is located in the heart of Reading, Ohio, just 12 miles northeast of downtown Cincinnati and right around the corner from the internationally known Reading Bridal District.  Our Loveland office is located just a few blocks from the Historic Downtown Loveland corridor and the famous Loveland bike trail, approximately 25 miles northeast of downtown Cincinnati. Any of our three attorneys are happy to meet with you at either location.


Contact Us


fax: 513-554-1897


401 Pike Street

Reading, Ohio, 45215

501 West Loveland Avenue

Loveland, Ohio, 45140


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Attorney Insights

Divorce restraining orders

October 27, 2014


Divorce: Temporary Restraining Orders on a Party’s Assets.


A Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”) is a court order that prohibits one or 
both of the parties from doing certain things while the case is pending. A TRO is 
usually issued at the beginning of a case, generally attached to the complaint, 
and stays in effect until it is either modified by the court or the case ends. 

family law child support calculation

October 17, 2014


What types of income are included in a child support calculation in Ohio?


Many clients often wonder whether certain types of income are to be included for


child support. For instance, are Social Security disability benefits included? We 


get these questions very frequently.

Areas of Practice

Our legal practice areas include:


  • family law/divorce

  • custody

  • child support

  • civil litigation

  • estate planning

  • trusts

  • wills

  • probate administration

  • will contest litigation

  • contracts

  • commercial & residential real estate

  • small business formation & transactions

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